It is very easy yeast cake to make.

drożdżówka z masą kokosową

Place all the dough ingredients in the following order – crushed fresh yeast, sugar, vanilla sugar powder, warm milk, oil, pinch of salt, beaten egg and flour. Cover the bowl with kitchen towel and leave for a 90 minutes, don’t mix just put in a warm place. Then mix the mixture with a wooden spoon until smooth, pour the yeast mixture into a big tin, set aside.

najprostrza drożdżówka


To prepare the mass of coconut : Melt the batter in a small pan, add the sugar and simmer until sugar has dessolved, then add coconut and fry in a low heat stirring all the time until sligtly golden, let to cool. When it is cool add the eggs and stir well. Spread the coconut mixture of yeast dough.

szybka drożdżówka

To prepare the topping : put the butter, sugar, flour, vanilla sugar into small bowl, using your hand to rub the butter into the flour, so that the mixture comes together to form small, pea-sized balls of dough. Drizzle over the coconuts mixture.

kokosowa drożdżówka

Bake in preheated oven to 180C for 30 minutes


kokosowe ciasto