It is my generation recipes of chicken. It is really delicious. 


Wash and clean the chicken, cut in a small pieces. Seson with salt, black pepper, paprika, marjoram of each sides.

Heat the frying pan with some oil and put all of chicken pieces. Fry until golden in both sides. Then add mushrooms, if they are big cut into small spieces. Fry another a few minutes. Add dried mushrooms, tomato concentrate and water, mix well. Bring to boil and tray taste. You can season in your taste.

chcicek with sauce

Cook in low heat intil chicken will be soft.  Durring cookin you have to pour extra water.

If sauce is to pouring you must thicken it with flour mixed in a a little of water.  Then add the flour into boiled sauce, mix well.

Add the cream, ready

Serve with cooced potatoes.