It os my idea of homemade wodka. I’ve got figs from my freind, who has big fig’s tree in ther garden. Lacky girl ?


Clean the fig with a dry cloth, put them into a big jar. Pour the vodka in, shake and close a jar. Leave it in out of direct sunlight  for a two months.

Pour the vodka through a sieve lined with a few layers of cheesecloth or coffee filter to strain out the fruit. Slightly squeeze the fruit to get more aroma. Will be slightly obscure. Pour it into a jar again, add the lemon juice. Close and leave for another month.

Very gently pour pure liquit into a bottles, but obscure liquit pour through a coffee filter to get completely clean liguid. Then add it also into a bottles.

Such prepare bottles put in a dark and cold place for another six month. Then is ready to serve.