This is very easy dessert, light airy mousse studded with crunchy pomegranate seeds.

deser z serka mascarpone

Remove the seeds from the pomegrantes, and put into a bowl. Half of them blend with an blender until smooth, set aside.

owoc granata

In a big bowl, beat together the mascarpone and honey until combined, then gradually add the pomegrante mixture and blend until smooth.

deser z granatem

In a seperate clean bowl, whisk the egg whites. Fold a quarter of the egg whites through the mascarpone mixture to lighten it, then add the remaining egg whites and mix very  gently.

deser z miodem

Spoon the mixture into serving glasses to the halfway glasses and sprinkle with  half of the pomegranate seeds. Then cover them with remaining mascarpone mixture, and top with  the pomegranate seeds.

Chill in the fridge for 2 hours, and serve.