I have got this recipe from my friend. 

casserole dish

Pork neck cut into 1 cm slices. Season them in salt, black pepper, red sweet paprika, chilli. Heat the oil in a frying pan, put the meat slices. Fry until golden brawn of the both sides.

Remove the  meat from the frying pan and put aside.

In the same fring pan fry the onion, mushrooms until soft. Season with salt and black pepper.

pork casserole

In a mug mix together the kechup, tomatoes puree, water of pickles. Pour into the frying pan. Add the meat,diced cucumbers and some water. Bring to boil, season to taste with salt and black pepper if needed.

Reduce the heat and cook until meat becomes soft.  During cooking, add some water if you need it

Serve with cooked potatoes or buckwheat.