Tuna is one of my favorite fish, very quickly to make.


To prepare the spinach – Wash the spinach and dry.  Heat the frying pan, melt the butter, put the crushed garlic and fry until slightly golden. Add the spinach and fry until completely wilted. Then add the cheese and mix. Season with salt and pepper, cover it and keep warm.

To prepare the tomatoes – fry the tomatoes in a small frying pan until slightly soft, drizzle them with garlic oil. Shake the pan during frying.


To prepare the tuna – season the tuna with salt and black pepper, heat the frying pan with some oil, put the tuna slices and fry about three minutes each side for medium – rare. You can fry the tuna well done, too, if you like that.

Serve on a large platter, place the spinach, then a tuna on top and garnish with a sprig of tomatoes.