I remember this dish from my childhood, my mother did it very often.

nerki wieprzowe w sosie

We loved it.

nerki wieprzowe

 It is very important to thoroughly clean and wash. Clean the kidneys by removing the outer skin and cutting away the core, do don’t leave any. Put the kidney into a bowl and cover with a cool water, after a few minutes change the water and pour fresh water over the kidneys. Repeat as long as the water is completely clear, then leave the kidneys in water for a few hours. Then drain them, if the water is clean, it means the kidney are ready to cook. Cook the kidney in a solted water for a 5 minutes. Drain the kidneys and cut each into sticks, then set aside.

In a big frying pan heat the oil and put the chopped onion and bacon, fry until the onion is tender and bacon is crispy.

gulasz z nerk

Add the kidneys to the pan fray for 1 minutes, then pour the water over the kidneys add the grains allspice, bay leaf,grain black peppers, vegeta. Stir for 2-3 minutes to warm the kidneys. Season with salt and black pepper to taste.

nerki wieprzowe

Add the cream, mix it.

tradycyjny gulasz z nerek

We love it with potatoes, but if you want serve on warmed plate, sprinkled with a little parsley and accompanied by lemon wedges and hot buttered toast.