Very good dish, my husband was delighted.

schab w sosie

The meat put into the bowl, season with salt, black pepper, sweet red paprika powder,tumeric, chilli flakes, hot red paprika powder,chopped chilli, pork stock, mix and leave for half a hour.

Schab w sosie paprykowym

Heat the butter in a big frying pan, put the cuted into strips leek and fry until the leek is tender, remove from the pan and set aside for a while. In the same frying pan put the meat, sprinkle with flour and fry until the meat loses color of raw meat. Then add the leek back and chopped ramiro peppers, pour the water in, and cook until the meat is tender. Check the taste of sauce and season if you need.

schab na ostro

When the meat is tender add chopped mozzarella cheese and cook in a meadium heat antil melted, then add the cream, but don’t cook just mix.

schab z mozzarellą

Serve with rice or pasta, it is so yummy 🙂