I have got this recipe from my niece Arlette, thank you. Cake was very yummy 🙂

tarta czekoladowa

Oreo crust – Crumble the oreas. Add the melted butter to them, and mix until it is uniform.

Put the mixture into the tart form which was outlaied with baking paper. Press it into the bottom and edges of the tart form. Frizze until you prepare the filling.

Filling –  in the small saucepan, place the cream over medium- low heat, for a few minutes to get not no boiling  or simmering needed.  Remove from the heat and add the chocolates and stir until them dissolved. Let rest for a few minutes, then pour chocolate filling over oreo crust. Top with freh raspberries. Softly press them.

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours, or overnight before serving.

Lovely, lovely tart 🙂