I love this dessert, it is  wonderful.

kawowa panna cotta

Lightly brush moulds with soft butter. Place the cream in a saucepan, split the vanilla pod and scrape the black seeds into the cream, add the sugar , vanilla pods, then heat gently until almost boiling. Do not let it boil up. Let to cool slightly. 

deser z żelatyną

Sieve the cream into a heatproof bowl and reserve.   Place the coffee in a mug, spring on the gelatine powder and pour in some cold water to spongy, then add boiled water to dissolve the gelatine and coffee. Let to cool.

deser z kawą

Stir a little of the reserved cream into the gelatin mixture, then stir the gelatine mixture into the remainder of the cream. Divide the mixture between the prepared monlds. Put into the fridge to set.

To make the sauce-    Set the bowl with chocolate and cream, over a saucepan of gently simmering water until the chocolate has dissolved. Mix well.

deser na śmietanie

Pour the chocolate cream around. You can serve with crushed fresh fruit

panna cotta

It is so yummy.